t last the Asus ROG GX800 brings to players true desktop level functionality using a gaming laptop. Since gambling laptops create a good deal of warmth, this exceptional gaming system is liquid-cooled to some substantial extent.

Asus Lighting Keyboard

Asus ROG GX800 Design and Characteristics

The asus laptop lighted keyboard is a pioneer in the meaning it is the first notebook to put in the market featuring an amazing 18.4″ 4K screen that is well reinforced with the latest G-Sync display technology from Nvidia. In short, it looks like the GX800 is out to become the powerful most gaming laptop in the world.

Liquid Cooling

The Asus GX800 also comes with a detachable liquid-cooling solution as well as provides plenty of frame increase, should you wish to take advantage of all these features. Asus’ Thermo Hydro Clocking allows the whole system tap the ability of its Nvidia GTX 980 to its fullest scope to arrive in 1,428MHz frequency without overheating. Going beyond this, the more liquid-cooling system allows the different areas of the GX800 profit its best potential. Thus the powerful chip can receive clocked up to a whopping 4.4GHz using all the memory card maxing out at 2,800MHz.

The New Keyboard

Another extra feature of the gaming system is the fact that it includes a completely new mechanical computer keyboard, that Asus designed from the fundamentals by way of their patented MechTAG switches, in addition to an entire collection of RGB LED lights embedded. This gives it a mechanical sense. It’s in effect a brand new multicolored keyboard which lets you customize and tweak the keyboard backlight, on a key by key basis. It’s also outfitted with an anti-ghosting technologies so as to stop your keystrokes from falling across the cracks as you’re doing multi-key commands. As it’s a wholly new sort of computer keyboard, the MechTAG computer keyboard or even the Mechanical Tactile Advanced Gaming keyboard has been fine tuned by Asus to ensure it is ideal in every way.

Asus Lighting Keyboard 

In fact, the Asus ROG GX700 is an innovative and upgraded version of its predecessor the GX800.This notebook that’s thought to be the very best gaming device comes having a dual-GPU together using a strong unlocked Intel chip. The device has made larger and better changes within using several hardware updates. The GX800 is currently extremely strong with its desktop-grade Nvidia GTX 980. As though this isn’t sufficient, Asus introduces another GPU together with Intel Core i7 K chips. This moment GPU in character renders 2 x graphic performance when compared with its predecessor the GX700.

Obviously, the Asus ROG GX800 with its electricity guzzling, uses up a great deal of energy also. In reality this gambling notebook necessitates two 330 watt power provides, thus consuming about precisely the exact same quantity of energy as any mid sized PC desktopcomputer.


The Asus ROG GX800 gaming notebook with its own liquid cooled design, innovative circuitry, strong processor and 4K screen push the gaming amounts to hitherto unreached heights with no mobile gaming machine.

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